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The origin and development of Otome Kei style

28 May 2024

Ever heard of Otome Kei? It's a darling and romantic style that sprang to life back in the late 1970s, often hailed as a precursor to the whimsical world of lolita fashion. Picture this: a delightful mix of fashion influences, from the charming Pink House Style to trends straight out of the pages of Olive magazine.

Our store has a fabulous collection of Otome-inspired clothing and accessories! Dive into the enchanting world of maiden-like fashion with our curated pieces.


The term "Otome" comes from Japanese, meaning "maiden," originally embodying a fashion and lifestyle centered around traditional girly hobbies. However, its popularity in Japan waned in the late 90s when it started getting linked with otaku culture. Nowadays, similar styles still thrive under different names like Pink House Style.


Let's dive into its history! In 1982, Magazine House launched "Olive," a magazine that set the stage for female fashion trends in Japan. Fast forward to the next year, Tsumori Chisato revamped the magazine with fresh styles, one of which oozed romance, girlish charm, and unique flair. This marked the birth of Otome style, quickly becoming a sensation.

Looking to channel that vintage Olive magazine charm? Check out our exclusive line of dresses and skirts inspired by the romantic, girly designs that defined the era. You’ll fall in love with our whimsical pieces!


What's the secret sauce of Otome fashion? Think cute outfits meticulously crafted to give off that maiden-like vibe. Unlike other styles, there are no hard and fast rules here. It's all about capturing the essence of a refined young lady with a touch of girlish charm. Inspiration flows from hyper-girly brands like Pink House to the simpler, yet equally charming looks featured in 1980s editions of Olive magazine. That's why Otome outfits can range from whimsical to downright adorable!

In the grand scheme of Japanese fashion, Otome sits under the Ametora umbrella, though it dances to its own tune rather than following strict trends.

Ready to embrace your inner maiden? Visit our shop today and discover the magic of Otome fashion. With our wide range of clothing and accessories, you'll find everything you need to create your perfect look!


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