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How can we reduce our environmental impact in the fashion industry?

02 Apr 2024

Buy less

Even the most eco-friendly clothing brands consume resources and have an impact on the environment during production and transportation.

The root of the problem lies in our excessive consumerism: we buy ten items when our grandmothers used to buy only two.

We often believe that buying new clothes will make us happy. Perhaps we should reconsider our lifestyle.

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Buy clothes from sustainable brands

More and more fashion brands are considering the impact of their production on the environment and society.

You can find our favorite sustainable brands in the "Brands We Love" section.

We won't deceive you: discounts are still limited, and it's easier and cheaper to go to the nearest shopping mall. But the more we demand sustainable clothing, the more options become available. Just like fifteen years ago, it was difficult to find organic food. Today, you can find it in most supermarkets.

In terms of price, yes, you will pay more for sustainable clothing compared to fast fashion stores, but now we know what lies behind those incredibly low prices...

However, sustainable brands don't necessarily have to be more expensive than branded clothing. We often pay a high price for the image of branded clothing but seldom consider the cost of quality and sustainability.

Buy products of higher quality

Because clothes have become cheaper, we no longer value quality as much. When our clothes lose their shape or appeal, we simply buy new ones.

Moreover, many of us have had the experience of buying expensive clothes or shoes only to find them looking worn out or developing holes after just two months, leaving us disappointed.

If we stop buying low-quality clothes, it will push brands to improve the quality of their clothing. This will also make our clothes last longer, benefiting both our wallets and the environment.

Think twice before throwing away your clothes

Don't just toss your clothes into a regular trash bin! Most clothes are made of synthetic, non-biodegradable fibers that will only pile up in landfills. There are other options: 

  • Try repairing them. Sometimes, with a little imagination, you can fix or even redesign a damaged piece of clothing.
  • Donate your clothes to friends, family, neighbors, or charitable organizations.
  • Sell them on second-hand apps like Vinted.
  • Some clothing stores accept and recycle their own brand's or even other brands' second-hand clothing.
  • Place them in textile recycling bins. Textiles can be recycled and used to make new clothes.

Buy second-hand, swap, and rent clothing

Instead of buying new clothes, consider exploring other options.

Second-hand stores: This is not a new concept! You can find thrift stores all over the world. Many websites and apps also offer a variety of second-hand options, ranging from affordable to designer brands.

  • Clothing swaps: This initiative has emerged in various parts of the world. Participants bring clothes they no longer wear and exchange them for other clothes they want to use. It's an economical and environmentally friendly way to refresh your wardrobe. You can also organize such events with friends.
  • Clothing rental: Clothing rental is a growing industry. It's a great option, especially for clothes you won't wear frequently, such as maternity wear, baby clothes, or party dresses. Some companies even offer monthly subscriptions, allowing customers to constantly update their clothing choices.

Organizations for second-hand, swapping, and clothing rental typically operate locally. You can find out what options are available near you.

Pay close attention to your laundry habits.

Cleaning our clothes has a significant impact on the environment. In Europe, the average household washes nearly 200 pieces of clothing per year, consuming around 15,000 liters of water. Heating the washing water and running drying cycles also require a substantial amount of energy.

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