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Who is Mikko?

13 Nov 2023

Kawaii arts and illustrations play a vital role in Japan's culture of cuteness. While everyone knows about the iconic Hello Kitty and other adorable Sanrio characters, there's a whole world of kawaii illustrators and their lovable characters waiting to be discovered. Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to one such Japanese kawaii illustrator, Mikko. Get ready to fall head over heels for Mikko's incredibly cute and charming illustrations!


Who is Mikko?

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Meet Mikko, the fabulous and renowned illustrator hailing from Japan.

After graduating, Mikko embarked on a journey that took her from a design company to a flower store. But it was during this time that she truly discovered her passion for freelance illustration. With a keen eye for capturing the essence of everyday life for young girls, Mikko delves into a world where romance, allure, and cuteness intertwine.

In her whimsical universe, every lady is a vision of charm and elegance. Picture this: "Fluffy hair that seems to dance in the air, enveloped in her signature fragrance, adorned in her most treasured attire." Mikko's illustrations bring to life the vibrant and enchanting existence of these captivating ladies.

Mikko Characters

Mikko creates a nostalgic, glamorous, and slightly sexy girl with tousled hair and perfume. She has four fluffy animal friends living with her: Mousse(white kitten), Latte (brown cubs), Souffle (brown ear white puppy), and Cammy (white lop bunny).



Mousse - White Kitten



This is a kitten Mousse.
I want to be a cute and fashionable girl ♡.
The girl who lives with us is Moose's idol.
I always try to imitate her.
I love the latte that Latte-chan makes for me!

She tries her best, but she is a little clumsy and goofy.
She is shy.

Birthday: April 25

Latte —— Brown Cubs




This is a Cub Latte.
I'm good at making lattes.
I love sweets.
I often make sweets with the girl.
In the future, I would like to open a cafe.

She is a spoiled kid, but she tends to be strong-minded.

Birthday: June 9


Souffle —— Brown Ear White Puppy



This is a puppy Souffle.
I treasure a stuffed bear that the girl gave me.
He is always with me.
I love to take a nap.

He is calm and takes his own pace.
He is a pampered boy.

Birthday: December 14

Cammy —— White Lop Bunny



This is Cammy, a little rabbit.
I love fashion! I love shopping!
Ask Cammy if you need help with fashion!
Recently, I've been studying makeup!

She is everyone's idol.
She is positive and sociable.
just a wee bit devil!

Birthday: November 8

Mikko Collection From JamGarden

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