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Beginner's Guide to Lolita Dresses

Introduction to Lolita #03: The 11 Styles of Lolita Fashion

24 Jun 2024

In our last guide, we talked about the three main styles of Lolita fashion. However, Lolita has evolved rapidly in recent years, becoming a much broader concept. With an increasing variety of distinct styles, we now see terms like "casual Lolita" and "light Lolita" alongside the more traditional categories.

The lines between these styles are often blurred and not strictly defined. The classification can vary from person to person, but at its core, it's all about beautiful dresses. So, let's dive into the delightful world of Lolita fashion!

1. Chinese Style

This style combines traditional Chinese elements with Lolita fashion, creating light, flowing, and lively dresses. The design often resembles traditional garments like the cheongsam or hanfu, featuring patterns such as palace lanterns, fans, ink paintings, and mythical creatures. Decorative details might include frog buttons, Chinese knots, and mandarin collars.

( Lolita Yukata Series Lolita Dress Japanese Style Strawberry Suit )

2. Country Style

Country Lolita features small floral prints and has a more casual, rustic feel. Often made from natural fabrics like cotton or linen, the colors are typically soft and refreshing, similar to Mori Kei (forest style).

( Lolita Skirt Original Dress Jsk Wedding Dress )

3. Wa Style

Wa Lolita blends traditional Japanese clothing with Lolita fashion. Common features include kimono sleeves, faux collars, and wide belts. Patterns might include goldfish, cherry blossoms, cats, cranes, and masks, with decorative touches like bells and cords.

4. Ouji Style

Ouji, or Prince Lolita, has a more masculine vibe. It's affectionately called "Brolita" and often includes items like jackets, vests, knickerbockers, knee socks, suspenders, and small hats.

5. Hime Style

If there's a Prince style, there's got to be a Princess style too, right? Hime (Princess) Lolita is influenced by Rococo and Baroque aesthetics, characterized by its opulent and regal feel. Think Disney princess dresses with embroidered fabrics, voluminous lace, and grand skirts.

6. Hanayome Style

In Japanese, "Hanayome" means bride, and this style is inspired by bridal fashion. Perfect for special occasions or as a wedding dress, Hanayome Lolita initially featured mostly white dresses but has since expanded to include a wider range of colors.

7. Idol Style

Imagine the perfect stage outfit! Idol Lolita is a style derived from school uniforms, combining the cute charm of Lolita with the energetic vibe of idol costumes. It’s been quite trendy in recent years!

( Love's Appointment Lolita Lolita Princess Style Dress )

8. Empire Style

Empire Lolita is defined by two main features: long skirts and high waistlines. It exudes elegance, vibrancy, and luxury, reminiscent of the Napoleonic era in the First French Empire.

9. Steampunk Style

Steampunk Lolita merges the fantasy of steampunk with Lolita fashion, predominantly using brown and coffee tones. The prints and accessories often reflect this sci-fi concept.

( Original New Goth Dog Short JSK Solid Color Retro Lolita )

10. Sailor Style

Sailor Lolita features navy or light blue paired with white, sailor collars, and ribbons. While not strictly adhering to uniform standards, it blends the fresh, sweet vibe of Lolita with nautical charm, like a cute little sailor ready to set sail!

11. Military Style

More robust and glamorous than Sailor Lolita, Military Lolita is characterized by sharp, smart tailoring. Common details include buttons, medals, brooches, epaulets, and waist belts, often accompanied by capes and coats. The colors are typically black, red, or blue.


Dive into these wonderful styles and find the perfect Lolita look that speaks to you!

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